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CHeckME is an asset and maintenance management system that works at high performance as SaaS. A simple added value solution, versatile, reliable and scalable. What is CHeckME What is CHeckME
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What is CHeckME

The system is composed of:

CHeckME Cloud, based on a web technology, is designed to be customized on customer request and CHeckME APP. It works on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets being able to perform all the functions and actions pre-set for each individual user.

The data acquisition and management process is simple and allows the gathered data to be non-modifiable or alterable. CHeckME is a reliable platform able to guarantee customer data integrity and traceability through queries on the CHeckME Portal.


Check and store all the operations performed on equipment and devices

Document dematerialization, create usage statistics and KPIs

Improve reliability and performance of critical assets for the corporate business
Fill out checklists through a mobile application
Use audio and video files to support all the operations and maintain historical memory

in real-time

Create a reliable
historical track of
operations and events

Track events
and reports

Multiple fields of application

  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Security systems
  • Fire systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Elevators
  • Data Center
  • Health
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Real estate management
  • Gardening
  • Fleet Management
  • Rental
  • Public Lighting


It works even in the absence of a telephone data network and / or Wi-Fi
Always operational 24/7/365
No specialization for its use
It allows automation and data processing with personalized reporting
It guarantees data integrity and inalterability
Geolocation to support tracking

Low maintenance costs without any infrastructure investments

Optimization of the communication and information flow between internal and external staff
Improvement of the corporate asset value
Digitization and native document archiving



CHeckME Cloud

CHeckME Portal

Supported Technologies

Supported Technologies

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  • CHECK LIST and scheduled checks according to a pre-defined calendar.
  • Special INTERVENTION based on reports managed through the CHeckME Portal by the back-office staff and sent to the operator on the field to allow immediate actions.
  • REPORT of anomalies detected by the staff during back-office activities, the report is recorded on the CHeckME Portal.
  • LOGGING of the activities performed, tracked and certified with unique and printable identification codes with standard or customized reports.

CHeckME Cloud & Portal

  • CHeckME Cloud
    Highly reliable cloud infrastructure for data exchange, processing, archival and presentation. Each customer is guaranteed to have their data protected in a dedicated portion of the database.
  • CHeckME Portal
    Back-office interface for planning and managing services and simple show of maintenance activities, checklists and their progress, anomalies and reports from the staff. CHeckME Cloud access license for single user.
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